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OCDFLSH-BAT Flash Programmer API

OCDFLSH-BAT Flash Programmer API


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The Macraigor Systems Stand-alone OCDemon Flash programmer software allows you to program Flash EPROM devices on your target board controlled by your own application.

  • Supported under Windows 98/ME, NT, Win2000,XP, Vista32 Win7 (32-bit only)
  • Supports Intel (.hex), Motorola (.s19) and ELF (.elf) format data files
  • Works with all Macraigor Interfaces including the Wiggler, Raven, WiFiDemon, mpDemon, usbDemon, usb2Demon, usbWiggler and usb2Sprite
  • Can be licenced to Macraigor USB and Ethernet/WiFi interfaces allowing it to be used with any PC
  • Software works in DEMO mode without a licence

Product Details

The Macraigor Systems Flash Programmer Software lets you program your Flash devices via the On-Chip Debug connector (BDM or JTAG) on your target system using a Macraigor hardware interface. The software is supplied as a DLL with example applications in VB and Delphi.

Demonstration Version

To get started, we recommend that you give the software a try.  You will also need a JTAG/BDM interface.

Download the software, which you can run without a licence in demonstration mode.  In demonstration mode, you will be able to test the ERASE, FILL, BLANK CHECK, CHECKSUM, UPLOAD flash content, and VIEW MEMORY functions of the software with your flash devices. This will enable you to establish the connectivity of your JTAG/BDM interface with the target CPU and test the correct functioning of the programming algorithm for your chosen Flash device.

Purchasing this license will turn the DEMO into a full working application that will allow you to program and verify your flash device using Motorola(.s19), Intel(.hex), and ELF(.elf) format files in addition to the functionality provided in the demo.

Flash Programming Software

The Stand-alone version of the Macraigor Flash Programming Software is a standard installed Windows application with a GUI front end. It facilitates programming of Flash devices on a target board via connecting a Macraigor Systems JTAG/BDM interface.

Two types of Stand-alone flash programming software are available:.

  • Windows 32-bit
  • Windows 64-bit

The Flash Programmer is supported under Windows 98/ME, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista32 and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) operating systems. The software may work with other operating systems and versions but has not been verified against such and is not guaranteed to work. On Vista and Windows 7, only the mpDemon and the Usb2Demon/Sprite and Usb2Wiggler are supported.

OCDemon Software Licencing

There are two methods of software licencing available, depending on your interface type:.

  • Non-USB Interface Licencing
  • USB Interface Licencing

Non-USB Interface Licencing

This method will licence your PC to program flash devices via any Macraigor Systems interface connected to it, including:.

  • Wiggler
  • Raven
  • mpDemon
  • usbDemon
  • usb2Demon
  • usb2Wiggler
  • usb2Sprite
  • usb2Demon
  • WiFiDemon

The procedure for licencing is:.

  • Install the Flash Programming Software.  It is not necessary for the interface to be connected
  • Run the Flash Programming application: FlashProgrammer.exe
  • A dialog box will appear showing the Computer ID
  • This needs to be sent to us after you have purchased the Flash Programmer software
  • We will issue a Registration Code to be entered into the dialog box
  • The PC is now licenced.

USB Interface Licencing

This covers the following types of Macraigor Systems USB interface:.

  • usb2Wiggler
  • usb2Sprite
  • usb2Demon
  • mpDemon
  • WiFiDemon

The procedure for licencing is:.

  • Install the Flash Programming Software
  • Connect the USB interface to the PC
  • Run the Flash Programming application: ocddemonfinder.jar
  • A dialog box will appear showing the USB Device Serial number
  • This needs to be sent to us after you have purchased the Flash Programmer software
  • We will issue a Registration Code to be entered into the dialog box
  • The USB Interface is now licenced

This will allow you to use the licenced interface on any PC with the Flash Programming software installed.

As an alternative, you can instead licence your PC as you would for a non-USB type of interface.  This will allow you to use any Macraigor interface on a single PC.

Additional Licences

Additional licences may be purchased at the same time as your initial licence with a significant discount.

Macraigor Systems JTAG Flash Programmer Users Manual Macraigor Systems JTAG Flash Programmer Users Manual (256 KB)
  • Downloadable Flash Programming Software (Purchase not necessary to evaluate)




WiFiDemon JTAG Interface



Wiggler JTAG/BDM Interface