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P9611A-U 0-60V, 0-6A DC Power Supply

P9611A-U 0-60V, 0-6A DC Power Supply

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The Picotest P9611A-U is a mixed-mode Programmable Power Supply that provides the combined benefits of a linear power supply and a switched mode supply. This means that this power supply unit can delivers accurate control over the parameters, provides low high-efficiency output with low noise, and all this from a small and compact unit.

The P9611A-U delivers 1mV to 60V of output voltage range and 1mA to 7A of direct current output range. The optical driver control function gives reliable and precise control over all parameters. Its circuit is designed to provide protection against over-voltage, over-current and short circuit to keep the devices under test safe. An unobtrusive carrying handle easily folds into the body of the unit, allowing easy and convenient storing and carrying. This lightweight unit delivers a fast transient response and is ideal to work with bench-top and system applications.

  • Output Voltage range: 1mV to 60V DC
  • Output Current range: 1mA to 6A DC
  • Maximum Output Power: 150W DC
  • Programming Accuracy: Voltage (0.05%), Current (0.2%)
  • Line & Load Regulation: Voltage (0.01%), Current (0.01%)
  • Fast transient response: <30uS
  • Protection: Voltage, Current and Short Circuit
  • Precise and Reliable Control: using optically driven control
  • USB Interface
  • Optional GPIB Interface
  • Light weight: only 2.5Kg

Product Details

Advanced Function: Autoranging

The P9611A-U features the Autoranging function that allows users to control the full range of power at any voltage or current within its maximum limit. It does not require any human intervention to switch the range to maximize the power output, unlike other power supplies, .

Fast Recovery: Load Transient Response Time

The P9611A-U has fast recovery period from large load current changes. The smaller excursion makes it more stable.

Cooling System Evolution: Advanced Fan

The P9611A boasts a new advanced technology cooling fan that provides effective cooling with minimum noise.

Protection Evolution I: Short-Withstood Circuit

The innovative circuit design of the P9611A power supply unit automatically protects the unit from sudden changes in power supply. Due to this, the P9611A is capable of withstanding repetitive short circuits (up to 13 times per second) or continuous short circuits.

Protection Evolution II: OVP/OCP/OTP

The P9611A's specially designed circuit provides over-voltage protection (OVP), over-current protection (OCP), and over temperature protection (OTP) to devices that are connected to it for testing purpose.

Elegant Controls

The control knob provided on the front panel of the P9610A unit features optical control with numerical capability. The cursor shown on the screen can be moved along numbers and displayed with turn of the knob. Because of optical circuits used for control function, a precise control and long life is delivered.

Low Noise Output

The peak-to-peak noise generated is 1.64mV in the 20Hz to 20MHz bandwidth. This indicates that the P9610A is capable of generating pure source with low noise.

Programmable Output: SEQ Function

Unlike other power supplies, the P9611A does not require to be switched on & off for digital circuits. It features an output voltage sequencing mode that allows users to control the timing to output different current and voltages.

Fast Settling

The advanced driver circuit of the P9611A delivers a settling time of less than 40ms, improving the overall production throughput.

Compact Size

Weighing in at less than 2.5Kg the P9611A power supply allows users to easily carry the unit anywhere they like for testing purposes. It also helps in reducing shipping and transportation cost.

Picotest P9610A/P9611A Programmable Power Supply Data Sheet Picotest P9610A/P9611A Programmable Power Supply Data Sheet (5959 KB)
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