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  • CAN Bus Breakout Cable
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    CAN Bus Breakout Cable

    The Total Phase TP360410 CAN bus breakout cable is a 305mm (12") long cable with 1 DB9-male connector on one end and 2 DB9-female connectors on the other.

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  • CAN Bus Terminator
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    CAN Bus Terminator

    The Total Phase TP360310 CAN bus terminator is a DB9-male plug that terminates the CAN bus signals with a 120ohm termination resistor.

    Designed for use with the Komodo™ CAN Solo or Komodo™ CAN Duo Interface.

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  • CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro
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    CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro

    The Total Phase TP360210 CAN/I2C activity/evaluation board is the ideal tool for the embedded systems developer working with CAN and I2C protocols.

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  • Total Phase Komodo CAN Duo

    The Total Phase TP360110 Komodo™ CAN Duo is a powerful two-channel USB to CAN Bus adapter and bus monitor.

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  • Total Phase Komodo CAN Solo

    The Total Phase Komodo™ CAN Solo Interface is a powerful USB-to-CAN adapter and analyzer. The Komodo™ interface is an all-in-one tool capable of active CAN data transmission as well as non-intrusive CAN bus monitoring. The portable and durable Komodo™ interface easily integrates into end-user systems. It provides a flexible and scalable solution for a variety of applications including automotive, military, industrial, medical, and more.

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