PCI Extension Backplanes

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  • PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane, 5ft, x1 PCIe Host
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    PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane, 5ft, x1 PCIe Host

    The SKU-075-01 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane from Amfeltec is a universal expansion board for computers and laptops that allows additional PCI boards to be added to the system. This board comes with four PCI board slots and two dedicated PCI Express board slots.

    This backplane easily fits into any conventional computer cabinet designed to conveniently work with any general purpose computer and connects via a Cat6 Ethernet cable and a 10-wire flat cable. This expansion backplane includes a PCI/PCI Express Expansion Backplane, one PCI Express host board and 1.5m (5 foot) Cat6 and flat control cables.

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