PCIe Bus Test Backplanes

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    PCIe Test Backplane

    The SKU-015-01 PCIe Test Backplane by Amfeltec is designed to expand the x1 PCI Express interface of the host computer into one x4 and three x1 PCI Express slots for production, testing and debugging purposes. This test backplane allows you to test up to 4 PCI boards at the same time, along with facilitating easy access to logic signals, providing hot-swap compatibility and protecting each slot from over-current. As it gives access to the PCI bus JTAG signals, this backplane can be used as a universal device that helps in support programming/loading FPGA/CPLD during production testing.

    Moreover, an oscilloscope or a logic analyser can be connected to the PCI bus debug connector to verifying the PCI signals.

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