CAN 2.0B

When engineers analyze the data of signal, they only rely on counting the waveform to decode signals and find the problem. It is really waste time and power.

However, the Zeroplus Logic Analyzer can not only collect the signals for one time, the special Protocol Analyzer decoding software of Zeroplus Logic Analyzer can also start decoding automatically. It can provide the integrated signal format content of each data for users, including standard type, extension type, long-distance format, error format and over-loading format and so on.

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  • LE-270A CAN Bus Analyser
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    LE-270A CAN Bus Analyser

    The Lineeye LE-270A is a CAN and LIN bus communication data logger.

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  • OP-SB7GX CAN Bus Expansion Kit
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    OP-SB7GX CAN Bus Expansion Kit

    Lineeye OP-SB7GX LE-2500-E, LE-3500-E CAN/LIN Bus expansion Kit.

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