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3-Way GPU x1 PCIe to x16 PCIe Splitter (ATX)

3-Way GPU x1 PCIe to x16 PCIe Splitter (ATX)

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The Amfeltec SKU-040-42 is a flexible 3-way GPU PCIe splitter that is used to expand the motherboards used in modern computers. This splitter allows connection of up to 3 x16 GPUs to the motherboard.

  • Allows you to plug in up to three GPUs into one PCIe slot on your motherboard
  • Splits your upstream x1 / x4 / x8 / x16 PCI Express bus into up to 3 downstream x16 PCI Express buses
  • Easy Plug-and-Play installation (no drivers)
  • Supports 5 Gbit/sec. upstream bandwidth (Gen2)
  • Flexible 304mm (12") connection between host (motherboard) and the three downstream GPUs
  • Easy placement of GPUs inside your chassis
  • Retention of PCI Express host board without use of a bracket (US Patent 7,850,475)
  • Compliant with PCI express specification 2.1
  • LEDs display downstream and upstream PCI Express link status
  • LEDs display the GPU`s “PRESENT” status
  • Support tabs for mechanical stabilization of add-in GPUs (US Patent 7,255,570)
  • Unique PCI Express add-in board retainer, for bracket-less fixture to the GPU (US Patent 7,850,475)
  • Powered by a standard ATX power supply
  • RoHS-compliant

Product Details

The Amfeltec SKU-040-42 is a flexible x4 PCI Express GPU 3-Way Splitter that is used for expanding the motherboard of a computer system. This splitter converts the standard x4, x8, or x16 PCI Express motherboard slot up-to 4 independent x1/x4/x16 PCI Express slots. It comes with one x4 PCI Express Host card, three x1/x4/x16 PCI Express adapter boards, and three 304mm (12") Flex PCI Express cables. The adapter boards connect to the main host board via the Flex PCI Express cables. The expansion PCI Express add-in boards have to be plugged into the standard x1/x4/x16 PCI Express female connectors on the x1/x4/x16 PCI Express adapter boards.


The versatile nature of the connection allows positioning of PCI Express add-in boards away from the splitter or even inside the computer chassis around other peripherals. The two mounting holes provided on the x1/x4/x16 PCI Express adapter boards allow them to be securely fixed inside a computer chassis. Apart from this, the x1 PCI Express adapter boards come with two support tabs that provide mechanical stabilization for expansion add-in boards (US Patent 7,255,570). To keep the PCI Express Host card securely inside a computer chassis, you can use a full size bracket or the unique PCI Express add-in card Retainer (Patent Granted) that solves the same purpose without using the bracket. This splitter system draws power from a standard ATX power supply.

Plug 'n' Play

One of the best features of this splitter is that it supports Plug-and-Play operation and works right out of the box with any software installation in the computer. It comes with surface-mounted LEDs indicate the upstream and downstream Link status between PCI Express Host card and PCI Express Adapter boards, along with PCI Express Adapter boards "PRESENT" status.

Amfeltec SKU-040 PCIe Splitter Users Manual Amfeltec SKU-040 PCIe Splitter Users Manual (402 KB)
  • x1 PCI Express host board with full-size bracket (1)
  • PCI Express flat cable (3)
  • x16 PCI Express adapter board (3)