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Multi-Interface Test Backplane with ExpressCard Host

Multi-Interface Test Backplane with ExpressCard Host

SKU-047-02 Multi-Interface Test Backplane | Amfeltec UK
SKU-047-02 Multi-Interface Test Backplane | Amfeltec UK
ExpressCard Host Adapter | Amfeltec UK
Our Price: $1,409.46


The SKU-047-02 Multi-Interface Test Backplane from Amfeltec is an all-in-one test backplane, designed to test boards with different interface on a single board. This board allows software and hardware designers to add different devices to the host computer using just one board. It features support for 32-bit PCI, x16 PCI Express, ExpressCard, MiniPCI, MiniPCI Express and PMC interface when an additional expansion module is used.

The test backplane connects to the Host PC via an ExpressCard interface.

  • Supports PCI/MiniPCI/PCI Express/MiniPCI Express/ExpressCard® interfaces
  • Supports connection to desktop computers via an ExpressCard Host board
  • Easy Plug-and-Play installation
  • Supports hot-swap operation
  • Per-interface overcurrent protection
  • Overcurrent protection for each interface
  • Test connector for PCI/PCIe bus JTAG signal access
  • Test connector for all PCI signal access
  • Easy access to the PCI/PCI Express JTAG signals
  • Supports Amfeltec In-Circuit Programmer/Loader (eLoader™)
  • Easy monitoring of PCI bus signals
  • Mechanical stabilisation for add-in PCI Express cards to facilitate bracket-less mount (US Patent 7,255,570)
  • Operation temperature: 0°C to +75°C
  • Dimensions (W x D): 170mm x 195mm
  • RoHS compliant
SKU SKU-047-02
Warranty 12 months
Manufacturer Amfeltec Corp
Weight 0.50 Kg
Lead Time (if not in stock) 3 working days

The Amfeltec SKU-047-02 Multi-Interface Test Backplane is a perfect tool for software and hardware designers that allow them to add different device with different interfaces to a host computer using a single backplane. This backplane is connected to the host computer with the help of an ExpressCard host card, a Cat6 Ethernet cable and a control flat cable. The host card connects to the host computer and the backplane connects to the host card with the help of the cables provided.

Multiple Interfaces Supported

This backplane supports devices with 32-bit PCI, x16 PCI Express, ExpressCard, MiniPCI, MiniPCI Express or PMC interface and eliminates the risk of damaging the devices during programming, testing and debugging processes. It allows you to easily plug-in or plug-out the test boards; live-insertion function allows you to replace the boards without shutting down the host system and overcurrent protection keeps the test boards safe from any electrical hazards.

Locate Test Backplane away from Host PC

As the cables used to connect the host computer and test backplane are flexible, they allow you to keep the host computer away from the backplane, freeing up the working area and eliminating the possible of induction of noise in the system.

Hot-Swap Power Controllers

With three independent hot-swap power controllers, this test backplane allows you to shut down the power of each of the local interfaces that include PCI interface, PCI Express Interface and ExpressCard® interface in case of overcurrent or under voltage condition. The SW1 is a local power switch, provided on the board, gives control over all power-controllers and can be used to power down local interfaces without affecting the operation of the host computer. This feature allows you to easily replace PCI/PCI express cards, saving a significant amount of time.

JTAG Interfaces

The JTAG connectors provided on the test backplane allow connection of 32 bit PCI connector and x16 PCI express connector, and give access PCI/PCI express bus JTAG signals PCI/PCI express bus JTAG signals. These connectors allow you to run JTAG production tests, use the JTAG emulator debugging of devices under test, and/or use Amfeltec In-Circuit Programmer/Loader to program/load CPLD/FPGA/MCPU on the test unit during production or debugging cycle.

Status LEDs

This test backplane comes with surface-mount LEDs that indicate the power status and status of the upstream and downstream PCI express connections.


Two mechanical support tabs provided on the backplane promote mechanical stabilization of add-in PCI express card plugged into the x16 PCI Express connector (U.S. Patent 7,255,750).

Power Supply

The backplane is powered by a standard 12V power supply that can be connected to the backplane via 2.1 mm jack connector or standard DIN-5 connector.

Amfeltec Test Backplanes

See how Amfeltec test backplanes can help you test PC cards in a development environment.
  • Multi-Interface Test Backplane (1)
  • ExpressCard Host Card (1)
  • 2.1m (7ft) CAT6 cable (1)
  • 2.1m (7ft) Flat Control cable (1)
  • Hot-plug software under Windows®/Linux/FreeBSD OS (1)
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