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Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W)

Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W)

SKU: SKU-066-02

SKU-066-02 Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W) | Amfeltec UK
SKU-066-02 Half MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter (2.5W) | Amfeltec UK
MiniPCI Adapter Board (2.5W) | Amfeltec UK
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The Amfeltec SKU-066-02 is a flexible adapter used to converts the MiniPCI Express Bus of a motherboard into standard MiniPCI Bus. This is achieved by connecting the standard 124-pin MiniPCI add-in board to the MiniPCI Express connector provided on the motherboard. This adapter set comes with a half-height MiniPCI Express host board, a MiniPCI Adapter board, and Flat PCI Express cable.

This adapter has been designed to work with high power target boards such as RF interfaces. Up to 2.5W of power can be consumed by the target board.

  • Converts MiniPCI Express bus into MiniPCI bus
  • Flexible connection between Host MiniPCI Express card (half-height) and MiniPCI add-in board
  • Easy placement MiniPCI board inside embedded chassis
  • No software needed
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Maximum MiniPCI target power consumption 2.5W
  • Compliant with MiniPCI Express specification (Version 1.1)
  • Compliant with MiniPCI specification (Version 1.0)
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

The Amfeltec SKU-066-02 MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter is designed to convert MiniPCI Express bus into MiniPCI bus and extend it. This adapter allows the connection of a standard MiniPCI add-in board to any motherboard's MiniPCI Express connector.

This set comes complete with one MiniPCI Express Host board, one MiniPCI Adapter board, and one 304mm (12") Flat PCI Express cable. The half-height MiniPCI Express host board is connected to the MiniPCIe connector of the host computer's motherboard. The MiniPCI adapter board is connected to the host board with the help of the Flat PCI Express cable and the expansion MiniPCI add-in board can be connected to the standard 124-pin MiniPCI connector, provided on the MiniPCI adapter board.


The versatile nature of the connection allows positioning of MiniPCI add-in board away from the MiniPCI Express host board or even inside the computer chassis around other peripherals. The three mounting holes provided on the MiniPCI Adapter board allow it to be securely fixed inside a computer chassis.

Plug 'n' Play

One of the best features of this adapter is that it supports Plug-and-Play operation and works right out of the box without any software installation on the computer. The MiniPCI Express host board features surface-mounted LED that indicates the MiniPCI Adapter board's "PRESENT" status.

High-Power Target Boards Supported

The SKU-066-01 adapter supports target boards with a larger than normal power consumption. The MiniPCI adapter is fitted with alinear regulator providing up to 1.2A @ 3.3V from an external 5V power supply. A maximum of 2.5W may be consumed from the target MiniPCI board.

Amfeltec SKU-066 MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter Users Manual Amfeltec SKU-066 MiniPCIe to MiniPCI Adapter Users Manual (402 KB)
  • MiniPCIe host card (half height) (1)
  • MiniPCI adapter board 2.5W (1)
  • PCI Express flat cable (1)