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PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane, 5ft, x1 PCIe Host

PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane, 5ft, x1 PCIe Host

SKU: SKU-075-01

SKU-075-01/-02 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane with PCIe Card | Amfeltec UK
SKU-075-01/-02 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane with PCIe Card | Amfeltec UK
SKU-075-03/-04 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane with ExpressCard | Amfeltec UK
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The SKU-075-01 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane from Amfeltec is a universal expansion board for computers and laptops that allows additional PCI boards to be added to the system. This board comes with four PCI board slots and two dedicated PCI Express board slots.

This backplane easily fits into any conventional computer cabinet designed to conveniently work with any general purpose computer and connects via a Cat6 Ethernet cable and a 10-wire flat cable. This expansion backplane includes a PCI/PCI Express Expansion Backplane, one PCI Express host board and 1.5m (5 foot) Cat6 and flat control cables.

  • Easy Plug-and-Play installation
  • Connects to the Host computer via standard 1.5m CAT6 cable and x1 PCI Express Host board
  • Compliant with PCI Express Specification 2.1 (Gen 2) with 5Gbit/sec bandwidth
  • Compliant with PCI Specification 3.0
  • Four 32-bit PCI slots 33/66 MHz, and two x16 PCI Express slots (one lane each)
  • Powered from standard ATX Power Supply (doesn’t require any power loads for operation)
  • Four 32-bit PCI slots (33/66 MHz) and two x16 PCI Express slots (one lane each)
  • Standard mounting holes based on ATX Specification 2.0. Can be installed inside any general-purpose computer chassis
  • Mechanical stabilisation for add-in PCI Express cards to facilitate bracket-less mount (US Patent 7,255,570)
  • An additional package includes 2 “PCI Express Fillers”™ that can be installed inside PCI Express connector for add-in card stabilization of x1, x4, or x8 connectors (US Patent 7,255,570)
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C to +75°C (optional: -40°C to +85°C)
  • Dimensions (W x D): 171mm x 202mm
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

The SKU-075-01 PCI / PCIe Expansion Backplane comes with four 32-bit PCI and two x16 PCI express slots. The connection between the host computer and the expansion backplane is established via a standard 1.5m (5-foot) Cat 6 cable, a 10-wire flat cable and one x1 PCI express host board. The PCI express host board connects to the PCI express connector on the motherboard of the host computer.

Use in a Computer Case

Thanks to the ATX Specification 2.0, the standard mounting holes provided on the backplane are perfectly sized that allows fitting of this backplane in any general purpose computer chassis. Due to the power load circuit provided on the backplane, it can be powered by any ATX power supply without minimum power load limitation. The x16 PCI Express connector provided on the backplane features one PCI Express lane.

Use FreeStanding

The backplane can be operated without computer chassis as well. To allow this both the x16 PCI Express connectors have support spacers that aid mechanical stabilization of add-in x1 PCI express boards (U.S. Patent 7,255,750). The backplane features LEDs mounted on its surface and provide an easy visual check for the main powers (+5V, +12V, +3.3V, -12V, +5VSB), backplane operation status and status of the upstream PCI express connection.

Amfeltec SKU-075 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane Users Manual Amfeltec SKU-075 PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane Users Manual (475 KB)
  • PCI/PCIe Extension Backplane (1)
  • x1 PCI Express host board (1)
  • 1.5m (5 foot) Cat6 cable (1)
  • 1.5m (5 foot) flat control cable (1)
  • ATX I/O Panel (1)
  • PCI Express filler (2)