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SpeakUp Click Board

SpeakUp Click Board


SpeakUp Click Board | MIKROE-1534
SpeakUp Click Board | MIKROE-1534
  SpeakUp Click Board - in hand | MIKROE-1534
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The SpeakUp Click Board™ is a speech recognition board that allows the user to set it up to recognize over 200 different voice commands. The board can be either plugged into a MikroBUS socket on a host microcontroller or used standalone, connecting directly to external devices.

The SpeakUp utility understands the user commands through a simple & straightforward process, irrespective of the language, dialect, or slang.

SpeakUp Click Board™ incorporates a microphone, an audio IC and an STM32F415RG MCU with a DTW based firmware designed specifically for it. The DTW algorithm based firmware gives SpeakUp Click Board™ its decision-making power and turns your talk into action.

  • Add speech recognition to your design
  • Turn talk to action
  • Capable of recognising over 200 different voice commands
  • Simple and straightforward
  • DTW algorithm based firmware
  • Speech recognition board software
  • 3.5mm jack for connecting an external microphone
  • VS1053 IC to process the raw signal
  • STM32F415RG MCU for voice interpretation
  • Two output modes: Click mode and Standalone mode
  • Reduce complexity and cost of control interfaces
  • Speaker-dependent system keeps only you in charge
  • Supported by all MikroElektronika compilers

Product Details

Convenience of Issuing Commands with Your Voice

SpeakUp Click allows the user to issue voice commands and make any electronic device understand and obey them, almost instantly. It works through a simple & straightforward configuration process, regardless of your language, dialect, or slang. It listens and learns the recorded voice commands, and then, understands and obeys by matching the sound of user command to the recorded ones to trigger the specified action.


Input and Output

SpeakUp Click features an on-board microphone to receive sound and a 3.5mm jack for connecting an external microphone. It also has a VS1053 IC, between the mic and the MCU, with a stereo-audio codec to process the raw signal. The processed sound has been forwarded to the STM32F415RG MCU for voice interpretation. The output options include Click Mode and Standalone Mode, which can be utilized at the same time or separately.

Easy to Use Software Tool

The SpeakUp's free software configuration tool is all buttons and drop-down menus, which requires no programming and can be configured within minutes. This simple tool allows the user to record commands and assign actions with simple Clicks.

SpeakUp Click Board User Manual SpeakUp Click Board User Manual (36 KB)
MikroBus Specification MikroBus Specification (1365 KB)
  • SpeakUp Click Board (1)
  • 1x8 male headers (2)
  • Printed User Manual and Board Schematic (1)