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SQUID x4 PCIe Carrier for 8 PCIe Modules (Full height)

SQUID x4 PCIe Carrier for 8 PCIe Modules (Full height)

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The SQUID PCIe Carrier Board from Amfeltec can accomodate up to 8 Full or Half-height MiniPCIe Boards.

The carrier board provides a PCIe bus connection runnning up to 5Gbps, USB and SIM interfaces to each MiniPCIe board allowing multiple interface boards to be fitted into a single PCI Express Slot in the host PC.

This version is supplied with a Full-height Bracket, x4 PCIe Host Board.

  • Allows you to expand a single motherboard x4 PCI Express connector with up to 8 MiniPCI Express modules
  • The carrier supports both half and full-size MiniPCI Express modules
  • Separate PCI Express, USB and SIM card interfaces provided for each module
  • One Full-height x4 PCI Express upstream interface (Gen 2) with x4 PCIe adapter
  • Easy Plug-and-Play installation
  • Supports x4 PCI Express upstream connection
  • LEDs for displaying downstream and upstream PCI Express link status
  • Compliant with PCI Express Specification 2.1 (Gen 2, 5.0 Gbps)
  • Compliant with MiniPCI Express Specification 2.1 (Gen 2, 5.0 Gbps)
  • RoHS compliant

Product Details

The Amfeltec Squid PCI Express Carrier board for MiniPCIe modules is the first product in the Squid PCI Express Carrier Boardfamily. The PCI Express Carrier board has been designed to expand modern motherboards that have PCI Express interface. It allows connection of up to 8 MiniPCI Express half or full-size MiniPCI Express modules to the motherboard's PCI Express connector.

PCI Express Carrier board is the one-slot wide full-height PCI Express board and it complies with PCI Express Specification 2.1.

PCI Express Carrier Board supports PCI Express, USB and SIM interfaces on each MiniPCIe circuit. Carrier Board is located in the middle of the PCI Express slot and can be connected to motherboard PCI Express connector via a x4 PCI Express Adapter and to motherboard USB header via USB cable.

PCI Express Interface

The MiniPCIe modules can operate via a PCIe interface and/or a USB 2.0 interface. Each interface is completely independent so a mix on modules utilising different interfaces can be configured.

USB v2 Interface

The SQUID carrier connects to a standard dual-port USB header on the motherboard. One USB signal is fed into a 7-port router to distribute the USB signal to 7 MiniPCI modules. The other USB signal is connected directly to another USB header on the motherboard to connect to the eighth MiniPCIe module.

SIM Card Interface

A SIM card socket is fitted in the carrier beneath each MiniPCIe module site. This is connected the MiniPCIe board socket for the exclusive use of the MiniPCIe module. This is useful when MiniPCIe wireless modules are being used.


Amfeltec SQUID PCIe Carrier User Manual v1.01 Amfeltec SQUID PCIe Carrier User Manual v1.01 (1141 KB)
  • PCIe Carrier board for MiniPCIe modules (supports PCIe, USB and SIM interfaces) (1)
  • x4 PCIe Adapter (1)
  • Full-Height PC Card Bracket (1)
  • Internal USB Cable (1)