SRAM Click Board

The MikroE SRAM Click Board is a storage add-on board that carries the 23LC1024 IC, which allows the user to add 1Mbit of additional SRAM (static RAM) memory to the device. Based on low-power CMOS technology, the 23LC1024 chip outlines the memory in 8-bit instruction registers and 32-byte pages (128K x 8-bit). For Read and Write operations, this highly-reliable chip offers byte, page, and sequential operating modes. The sequential mode enables Read/Write operation for an entire memory array.

It supports unlimited Read/Write cycles to the memory array with zero Write time. It operates at a clock rate of 20 MHz for all the three Read/Write modes. Communicating through SPI-Compatible bus interface, the board also has an additional Hold pin functionality in place of the default RST pin. SRAM click can be used with either 3.3V or 5V power supply.

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