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Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect, LLC is a company headquartered just a few miles north of Silicon Valley, California and a few miles south of San Francisco.

Tag-Connect are a Microchip Premier 3rd Party Supplier and supply a range of an ingenious set of cables and adapters using pogo pins that allow programmable devices on a target board to be programmed without the expense of a plug or socket fitted to the board.

These are ideal for production programming and test applications.


Adapter for Lattice HW-USBN-2B Programming Cable

Adapter for Lattice HW-USBN-2B Programming Cable.

The TC-LATTICE Adapter allows users of Lattice's HW-USBN-2B Programming Cable to use Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC or TC2030-IDC-NL cable instead of the supplied flying lead solution for programming various Lattice Semiconductor devices.



Tag Connect ARM20-CTX Adapter

The ARM20-CTX adapter board allows a Tag-Connect TC2030-IDC or TC2030-IDC-NL Plug-of-ails



Tag Connect Footprint PCB

Tag Connect Footprint PCB.



Tag Connect SPY-BI-TAG Adapter

The Tag Connect SPY-BI-TAG is MSP430 SPY?BI?WIRE to TC2030?MCP adapter board.



Tag Connect TC-ADI-F

The TC-ADI-F, female adapter works with Analog Devices SHARC and other ADI devices and is compatible with standard programmers and debuggers for these devices.



Tag Connect TC-ADI-M

The TC-ADI-M, male adapter works with Analog Devices SHARC and other ADI devices and is compatible with standard programmers and debuggers for these devices.



Tag Connect TC-C2000-F-180




Tag Connect TC-C2000-F-90

Female Adapter for TI C2000



Tag Connect TC-C2000-M

The TC-C2000-M Adapter is used to connect the Tag Connect TC2050-IDC Pogo-pin cable to a TI C2000 hardware debugger, such as the XDS110 JTag Debugger.



Tag Connect TC-Renesas Adapter

The Tag Connect TC2050-RENESAS adapter for Renesas E1 and E8a debuggers.



Tag Connect TC2030-CLIP

The Tag Connect TC2030-CLIP is intended to temporarily hold a TC2030-xxx-NL cable in place on a PCB.



Tag Connect TC2030-CTX Cable

The Tag-Connect TC2030-CTX plug-in cable has a 6-pin TC2030 Tag-Connector and a 10-pin ribbon and ribbon connector that mates with the FTSH-105 style micro-headers used for Cortex Debug Connector used by debuggers such as Keil's ULINK-2.