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Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect, LLC

Tag-Connect, LLC is a company headquartered just a few miles north of Silicon Valley, California and a few miles south of San Francisco.

Tag-Connect are a Microchip Premier 3rd Party Supplier and supply a range of an ingenious set of cables and adapters using pogo pins that allow programmable devices on a target board to be programmed without the expense of a plug or socket fitted to the board.

These are ideal for production programming and test applications.


Tag Connect TC2050-2X10 Adapter

The Tag Connect TC2050-2X10 is a 0.1.



Tag Connect TC2050-ARM2010 Adapter

The Tag Connect TC2050-ARM2010 adapter board allows TC2050-IDC cables to be used for ARM JTAG and ARM SWD (Single Wire Debug) applications.

Note: The cable is not supplied with the adapter. This must be purchased separately.




Tag Connect TC2050-CLIP

The Tag Connect TC2050-CLIP is intended to temporarily hold a TC2050-xxx-NL cable in place on a PCB.



Tag Connect TC2050-DEMO-BB Board

The Tag Connect TC2050-DEMO-BB is an unpopulated board for evaluating the TC2050 Tag-Connect cable.



Tag Connect TC2050-IDC Cable

The Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-10-Pin legged cable with Ribbon connector.



Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-430 Cable

The Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-430 legged cable for use with MSP430 / FET430.



Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL Cable

The Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL 10-Pin No-Legs Cable with Ribbon connector.



Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL-430 Cable

The Tag Connect TC2050-IDC-NL-430 is a No Leg Cable for use with MSP430 / FET430.



Tag Connect TC2050-MINIHDMI Cable

The Tag Connect TC2050-MINIHDMI is a 10-pin Plug of Nails Cable for use with Altium's cross platform USB JTag unit.



Tag Connect TC2050-XILINX Adapter

The Tag Connect TC2050-XILINX adapter has been designed to be plugged into the 2mm 14-pin header found on Xilinx.



Tag Connect TC2070-IDC Cable

The Tag Connect TC2070-IDC-14-Pin legged cable with Ribbon connector.



Tag Connect TC2070-IDC-NL Cable

The Tag Connect TC2070-IDC-NL 14-pin No-Legs Cable with Ribbon connector.