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  • Hantek iDSO-1070A 2-ch, 70MHz Scope

    The iDSO-1070A is a two channel, 70MHz digital storage oscilloscope which has been designed to be controlled by a Windows PC, Android and IoS phones and tablets.

    Communication with devices is achieved by WiFi or USB cable. There is no need for external power as the unit is powered by an internal lithium battery with up to 4 hours operation between charges, making it ideal for use in the field. Furthermore, if the Wifi interface is chosen, there will be galvanic isolation between the iDSO1070 and the controlling device, making it safe to use in high-voltage or dangerous situations.

    The iDSO1070A is robust, being built within an anodised aluminium case. It is also small, making it very portable.

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  • iMSO-204X iPad Oscilloscope
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    iMSO-204X iPad Oscilloscope

    The iMSO-204X from Oscium is a dual-channel oscilloscope/Logic Analyser add on for the Apple iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with a Lightning connector and Android devices.

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  • WiPry-2500x Dual-Band WiFi Spectrum Analyser

    The WiPry-2500x WiFi Spectrum Analyser will transform a smartphone or tablet into a dual-band spectrum analyser for 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands. This perfectly portable tool is the ideal solution for field techs and wireless professionals.

    Now it's possible to identify and avoid interference so wireless connectivity can be optimised. Just download WiPry from either the App Store or Google Play and get started today!

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