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  • Dediprog EM100Pro SPI Flash Emulator

    The Dediprog EM100Pro is a SPI Flash emulator based on RAM memory in order to offer The best update performance.

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  • Dediprog EM100Pro-G2 SPI NOR Flash Emulator

    The EM100Pro-G2 is DediProg's SPI NOR Flash emulator integrated high-speed DRAM memory to offer the best code updating performance. This advanced tool has been designed in close cooperation with the SPI NOR Flash suppliers to emulator the behaviour of all the SPI NOR Flash on the market and also the next generation SPI NOR Flash.
    It provides engineers with a flexible development and testing tool for any embedded project that uses an external SPI NOR Flash. It provides quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles during development.

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  • WICE-ME Flash Emulator
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    WICE-ME Flash Emulator

    The Leap WICE-ME Flash EPROM emulator has been designed to assist with embedded SPI and FWH Flash system development and is able to plug into SOIC and PLCC target sockets.

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