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  • NanoRanger™ Autoranging Nanoammeter from 10pA to 800mA

    The NanoRanger™ is an accurate, 3.5 Digit, affordable DC ammeter to measure very low currents. Auto-Ranging with 9 ranges across 8.5 decades. It is able to measure from 800mA to 1nA, whilst offering a maximum resolution of 10pA.

    If you are developing embedded hardware with very-low power standby and need to measure current drain from standby to its peak during normal operation, then the NanoRanger™ is perfect for you.

    The instrument is auto-ranging which gives it a huge dynamic range.

    NanoRanger™ is suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

    Note: Should not be used for measuring currents in excess of 800mA

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  • ZS-2102-A IoT Power Profiler

    Simplify the battery life estimation of IOT devices using the latest power profiler tool from ZSCircuits. This tool can accurately plot the dynamic current drawn by IoT and other wireless devices which is difficult to measure using traditional instruments. Debug unexpected battery drains, system resets, find peak currents, optimise the power consumption and much more..

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