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The Debug Store - The Electronic Engineers' Tool Store

Total Phase, Inc

Total Phase, Inc
The Debug Store has been a Total Phase Authorised Partner since 2005The Debug Store has been a Total Phase Premier Partner since 2017

Total Phase is a leading provider of embedded systems development tools for engineers all over the world. Total Phase's mission is to create powerful, high-quality, and affordable solutions for the embedded engineer. For years, Total Phase has developed products that have become tools of choice for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and research institutions alike.

The simplicity and ease of integration of Total Phase products have led to many unique engineering solutions. As customers build Total Phase products into their systems, Total Phase actively incorporates their feedback, building the solutions that engineers find most valuable. Customers are able to leverage these solutions to build higher-quality products for their own markets.


10 pin Split Cable

The Total Phase TP240212 cable is for connecting the Aardvark™, Beagle™ or Cheetah™ to header pins or IC legs on your target boards.



34-pin Split Cable

34-pin Split Cable.



34-pin to 34-pin Header Cable, 100mm

This is a replacement cable for the PROMIRA™ Serial Platform. One 34-pin end has a locking friction ramp to ensure good connectivity with the PROMIRA™ platform while the other 34-pin end is designed for easier connection and removal to your project board.

This cable is compatible with the EEPROM Socket Board - 10/34, the Flash SOIC-16 Socket Board - 10/34, and the Flash SOIC-8 Socket Board - 10/34 programming accessory boards.



A2B Adapter Board

The A2B®Adapter Board provides an independent AD2428-based bus monitor that can be used to monitor A2B®systems.

It is designed for use with the Total Phase PROMIRA™, configured with the A2B®Bus Monitor: Level 1 Application.

Note: A2B®and Automotive Audio Bus' are registered trademarks of Analog Devices, Inc.



A2B Adapter Board Enclosure

A2B®Adapter Board Enclosure.


Note: The A2B®Adapter Board is not included with the enclosure.



A2B Bus Monitor

The Total Phase A2B® Bus Monitor includes everything needed to Monitor and Analyse the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®). The tool has been developed in collaboration with Analog Devices, Inc, the creators of A2B®

The Monitor includes the Total Phase PROMIRA™, a high-performance tool for stimulating and analysing serial buses, an A2B®Bus Monitor, level 1 application, an A2B®Adapter Board used to interface to the A2B®Bus and the Data Centre Bus Analyser Software.

Note: A2B® and Automotive Audio Bus® are registered trademarks of Analog Devices, Inc.



A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application

The Total Phase A2B®Bus Monitor Application provides unprecedented access to the A2B®system. It non-intrusively sniffs A2B®data on the in-vehicle audio line, giving users a real-time view into A2B®traffic on the bus. Additional features include:.

  • Ability to decode and disassemble A2B®superframes into control data and I2S/TDM audio data for easy debugging.
  • Full reporting on Interrupts and GPIO handshakes are correlated into the data capture.
  • Node Topology view allowing quick visualization of all nodes on the (A2B® bus.
  • Option to display and export all node configuration settings to validate node initialization.
  • Support for 28 simultaneous audio channels, including live audio levels and audio visualization tools



A2B Cable: Mini50 to Duraclick, 1m

The A2B®cable is a 30 cm, unshielded twisted pair cable. One end of the cable terminates in a Mini50 connector to connect to the A2B®Adapter Board. The other end terminates in a DuraClik connector for each connections to the full range of Analog Devices A2B®demo boards. The pins of the connectors are crossed, meaning that pin 1 of the Mini50 connector is connected to pin 2 of the DuraClik connector and vice versa.



A2B Cable:Mini50 to tinned ends, 30cm

This A2B®cable is a 30, centimetre, unshielded twisted pair cable. One end of the cable terminates in a Mini50 connector to connect to the A2B®Adapter Board. The other end provides un-terminated tinned ends.

Since the A2B®specification does not define a standard connector, the un-terminated ends allows users to attach any connector necessary for their application.



Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 Application

Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 Application.



Advanced Cable Tester - Level 2 Application

Advanced Cable Tester - Level 2 Application.



CAN Bus Breakout Cable

The Total Phase TP360410 CAN bus breakout cable is a 305mm (12") long cable with 1 DB9-male connector on one end and 2 DB9-female connectors on the other.