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TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter

TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter


TRP-C06 Optically Isolated RS-232 to RS-422, RS485 Converter | Trycom UK
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The Trycom TRP-C06 allows an RS-232C line signal to be optically isolated and bi-directionally converted to RS-422 or RS-485 standard and communicate data along twisted pair lines up to 1.2Km in length. This makes it ideal for connecting your PC to RS-422 and RS-485 control networks.

The intelligent device automatically switches the RS-232 baud rate and direction flow control for RS-485.

It is competitively priced and available with free shipping to the UK and EU by standard delivery.

  • Single Channel RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter
  • 3KV Isolation between RS-232 and RS-4xx interfaces
  • Wide power supply voltage range: +10V to +30V
  • Auto baud-rate switching from 300bps to 115.2 Kbps
  • DIN-rail mounting capability with optional bracket
  • Auto-direction flow on RS-485
  • Surge Protection on RS-422 and RS-485
  • LED status indicators for Power, RX data and TX data
  • Power connected via screw terminals or power jack (for AC adapter)

Product Details

The TRP-C06 from Trycom is a single channel RS-232C to RS-422 and RS485 converter with 3KV optical isolation between the RS-232C and RS-422/485 signals.

Typical Application

The TRP-C06 is a very versatile interface. It is primarily used to interface a host PC to a control system. You will see two typical examples below.


In the first example, the converter is used to connect a controller PC to a RS-485 network where a chain of remote I/O interfaces are used to control and monitor the control network. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), automating a sub-system is also connected via a full-duplex RS-422 interface.


RS-232 Interface

The interface can be safely connected to a host desktop or industrial PC chassis as it has a 3000V dc isolation voltage protection to its RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces.

TRP-C06 RS-232 PC Interface.

The RS-232C interface utilises a DB-9 female connector and the following signals:.

RS-232 DB-9 Female Pin Configuration.

  • RXD (pin 3)
  • TXD (pin 2)
  • GND (pin 5)

Note: hardware flow control signals are not required.

Two status LEDs are provided for indicating the transmission of data over the TX and RX data signals to aid confidence that data is being transferred when the system is running.

A compatible data cable is available LI-RS232-9M9F.

RS-422 Interface

The RS-422 interface utilises two differential line signals with full duplex operation:.

TRP-C06 RS-422 Interface.

The RS-422 interface is often used for high-speed bi-directional communications over long distances. In this case two TRP-C06 units are used to extend a RS-232 interface over a 1.2Km distance:.


RS-485 Interface

The RS-425 interface utilises a 2-wire half-duplex interface:.


Built-in Intelligence

The converter features automatic baud rate detection and configuration for the RS-232C interface. In addition it features automatic flow control for the RS-485 interface.

Power Supply

The interfaces is powered by an external +10V to +30V dc power supply. A standard power jack (5.5 x 2.1 x 12mm) chassis mounted plug (+ve centre pin) is provided for use with an optional AC power adapter. In addition, external power can be connected via two screw terminals.


When the power is connected a PWR LED is illuminated on the front panel. This is a useful status indicator when there is suspicion that power may not be available.

Optional DIN-rail Mounting

A DIN rail mounting bracket (T-SNAP) is available for mounting the TRP-C06 to a standard DIN rail. If you do not need to connect to a DIN rail, fixing holes are provided to mount the interface to a panel. The diagram above shows the T-SNAP bracket fitted.

TRPCOM Software Test Utility

A Software Test Utility (TRPCOM) is available free of charge for download which can be used to test the TRP-06 and its all its interfaces. It also features a loop-back test mode.

Further Details

For more detailed information please download the User's Manual.

TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter Data Sheet TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter Data Sheet (379 KB)
TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter Users Manual TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter Users Manual (629 KB)
TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter CE Certificate TRP-C06 RS-232C to RS-422/485 Converter CE Certificate (52 KB)
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T-SNAP DIN Rail Bracket



LI-RS232-9M9F RS-232C Cable