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Trycom Technology Co Ltd

Trycom Technology Co Ltd

Trycom Technology Co., Ltd is a major supplier of Industrial communication converter and digital Input/ Output and analog Input RS-485 modules products in Taiwan. Their customers are professional in many fields of leading Industrial automation, networking and system control project. The company employees have many years’ experience within the industry and automation and have been responsible for the scope of design, project management, supply, manufacture and assembly of industrial computer systems.

Trycom is very proud of its creative and dynamic employees as well as its management team. This is their assurance of commitment to quality and customer service.


TRP-C08M Isolated USB to RS-232C Converter

The Trycom TRP-C08M allows you to simultaneously connect 4 RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 serial devices to system by using a USB interface. Each-channel is isolated and can be independently configured for serial data format and baud-rate.



TRP-C08S USB to RS-232C Converter

The Trycom TRP-C08S is one standard USB 2.0 to Serial Bridge that has one DB-9 RS232 male connectors and 4-pin screw terminal for RS-422/485. The DB-9-pin serial port is configured as a DTE (data terminal equipment) device which is same as all PC COM ports.



TRP-C08U 4-port USB to RS-232C Converter

The Trycom TRP-C08U allows you to simultaneously connect 4 RS-232C serial devices to system by using a USB interface. Each-channel can be independently configured for serial data format and baud-rate.



TRP-C08X USB to 4-port RS-232C Converter

The Trycom TRP-C08X is USB 2.0 to serial Converter that has four DB-9 RS-232C male connectors and Four screw terminal for RS-422/485.



TRP-C24H ModBus TCP Interface

The Trycom TRP-C24H, an isolated output open collector RS-485 module, provides 16 digital outputs-channels that allow you output open collector signal (100mA) to driven your devices on RS-485 network.



TRP-C26 Isolated 16-Ch Input RS-485 Converter

The Trycom TRP-C26 provides 16 optical isolated digital input channels. each with a 0-30V DC input range.

All channels are fitted with screw terminals for convenient connection of field signals as well as LED's to indicate channel status. All inputs are equipped with photo-couplers to protect the module against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences.

For easy user access, the TRP-C26 can enter configuration mode and self-test mode with outer dip-switch. TRP-C26 support both ASCII and Modbus protocol, with a full set of command, dual watch-dog, and auto reset function the module can be remote controlled by PC in ASCII or Modbus RTU protocol .



TRP-C26H ModBus TCP Interface

The Trycom TRP-C26H provides 16-optically isolated digital input-channels that allow you to input the logic signal from 0 to 30V dc.



TRP-C28H ModBus TCP to 4-IP and 4 AC relay Interface

The Trycom TRP-C28H provides with 4-optically isolated digital input-channels and 4 power relay outputs.



TRP-C29U ModBus Interface

The Trycom TRP-C29U is USB to serial interface which provides with 8 optical isolated digital input-channels and 8-channel digital output open collector.



TRP-C37 Ethernet to Serial Converter

The Trycom TRP-C37 is a 1-port Ethernet to RS-232C, RS-422 and RS-485 with watchdog.



TRP-C37M ModBus Interface

The Trycom TRP-C37M is an industrial Ethernet serial server with wide range power inputs and serial communication protection, built-in surge and over current protection ensuring long distance serial quality.



TRP-C51B Bluetooth Interface

Based on Bluetooth technology,The Trycom TRP-C51A allows you to wirelessly connect your RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 devices to systems within the range up to 100M.