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USB 2.0 Bus Analysers

USB 2.0 Bus Analysers

USB 2.0 Bus Analysers

If your design connects to the USB Bus, you will need to use a USB Analyser to check the data packets and track bus errors.


Beagl™ USB 480 Power - Ultimate

As USB devices continue to grow in number and complexity, developers need their monitoring and analysis tools to keep pace. The Beagle.



Digital I/O Cable

The Total Phase TP320710 provides grabber clips to help connect the digital IO interface of the Beagle USB 480, 5000 and Komodo CAN protocol analyser to external logic signals.



LE-650H2 USB Protocol Analyser

The Lineeye E-650H2 is a USB protocol analyser designed for monitoring, and used in connection with the PC through a USB port.



LE-650H2-A USB Protocol Analyser

The Lineeye E-650H2-A is a USB protocol analyser designed for monitoring, and used in connection with the PC through a USB port.



SuperSpeed Ultimate Bundle

The Total Phase TP323310 is a convenient way to upgrade your Beagle USB 5000 v2 USB 2.0 to a Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Ultimate Analyser.



Total Phase Beagle™ USB 480 Power - Standard

The Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyser - Standard from Total Phase is a cost-effective tool for every developer that requires unique, powerful features and a competitive edge over others. It comes loaded with features like USB 2.0 advanced triggering (optional), extra-large hardware buffer, and one-click correlation of protocol-level voltage and current measurement. This enables engineers to take advantage of the unique real-time data analysis and display, allowing them to debug the operation of connected embedded systems and optimize the power profile of their applications.

This Beagle™ Protocol Analyser has a large buffer capacity of 256 MB, however, the amount of data that can be captured depends on the RAM available on the computer used. It offers real-time class decoding of HID, Audio, Video, Still Image, Printer, Storage, Hub, Network, Mobile, and CDC data.



Total Phase Beagle™ USB 480 USB 2.0 Analyser

The Total Phase Beagle™ USB 480 is a High-speed USB 2.0 bus monitor that non-intrusively analyses high-speed USB-bus states and traffic in a real-time basis. This analyzer features real-time USB class-level decoding and captures and interactively displays traffic passing through the USB port at 16.7ns resolution.



Total Phase Beagle™ USB 5000 v2 USB 2.0 Analyser

The Beagle



USB 3.0 Capture Option

Upgrade your Beagle USB 5000 v2 USB 2.0 analyser to interactively capture and analyse USB 3.0 data. Once the capture is started, USB 3.0 data is displayed immediately on the screen. With the Data Center Software, engineers can identity the data as SuperSpeed USB data quickly. Take advantage of features in Data Center Software like the LTSSM View to manage different link and power states for the USB 3.0 device..



USB A-B cable (1ft) - 5 Pack

USB A-B cable (1ft) - 5 Pack.



USB Mini OTG Cable Set

The USB OTG Mini-Plug Cable Set provides two convenient cables for the USB OTG developer to use with either the Beagle