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Visual TFT (USB Dongle)

Visual TFT (USB Dongle)


Visual TFT with USB dongle licence | mikroE UK | mikroE UK
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Visual TFT is going to transform the way you look at designing user interfaces. An intuitive environment and drag-and-drop components are the building blocks of your creativity.

Focus on the functionality of your design, while the compiler generates the code in the background. Visual TFT software is merged with our compilers and ready to help you on your way. This version of Visual TFT includes a USB Dongle to licence the product, allowing it to be used on any PC.

Product Details


Pay once and never worry about it again. Once you buy Visual TFT you are entitled to a lifetime of free upgrades. Upgrading the software takes only a few minutes and a few Clicks. We are constantly adding new features, and you can keep track of what is happening on the Software Roadmap page.

Visual TFT - 1 Time Payment .

Our support team is always available you can rely on our help while you are developing. The software license guarantees free product lifetime technical support.

17 Supported Graphics Controllers

The Visual TFT currently supports 17 graphics controllers from leading manufacturers.

Supported Display Controllers .

You can be a part of the process by letting us know what graphics controllers you wish to see supported next, by using our helpdesk and submitting a ticket.

Supports Many Display Sizes and 2 Touch Screen Types

Visual TFT supports a total of 17 TFT controllers and many different display sizes, from 131x131 to 800x600 pixels.

Supports Many Display and Touchscreen Types .

he most popular ones are the 320x240 TFT displays running on ILI9341controller. This display is found in many embedded devices worldwide. All MikroElektronika multimedia boards have this display integrated, so you'll have all the hardware you need to get started. You can also order TFT displays separately from The Debug Store.

Support for the Powerful FTDI FT8x and FT81x

Visual TFT also supports FTDI chip' - the latest EVE GUI Platform and FT8x and FT81x families of graphics controllers.

Supports FTDI .

These powerful devices allow for sophisticated forms of human-machine interaction and more satisfying user experiences, including video playback. EVE integrates display, audio and touch onto a low cost, easy-to-use, single-chip solution. The EVE family has an object-based structure (where objects can be images, fonts, etc). This offers you an easy way to design more effective GUIs for TFTs, with all the display, audio and touch functionality included. Visual TFT is the first software in the world to provide full support for many of EVE's powerful features like sound, transparency and anti-aliasing fonts. There are many new components available for GUI design, which are natively supported in the controller itself.

Natively Supports all MikroElektronika Hardware

Visual TFT supports all our development and multimedia boards, so you will find all the hardware you could possibly need in one place. Each board has a hardware pattern, a configuration template with hardware connections for TFT and touch screen, and you can do all necessary settings with a single Click.

Supports MikroE Hardware .

As Easy as Drag-n-Drop

The Visual TFT Drag-n-drop development environment helps you to spend less time programming, allowing you to focus on functionality and design.

Simple Drag-n-Drop Interface .

Powerful Touch Input

Introducing touch screen input with Graphical GUI in your device, will open a whole new potential for user's interactive participation.

Support for Powerful Touch Input .

Merged with MikroE Compilers

Three major compiler groups are currently supported: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, AVR, ARM and FT90x. This means that no matter what compiler you will write your project in, source code generated by Visual TFT Tool will be integrated smoothly.

Now Merged with MikroE Compilers .

Intuitive Interface

The Visual TFT Interface is really easy to use, and implements standard intuitive behaviour, so you will feel like using any other vector graphic editors. But we have mixed functionalities from both worlds: world of design and world of programming.

Intuitive Interface .

There are several palettes of most useful components that you can use in your application. Just drag a component onto a pixel grid display screen and it will be drawn instantly. Use Object Inspector to edit component properties and to assign desired events.

Unlimited Memory with External Resources

Do you need more space for your images and fonts' Do you want to create image slideshows, or to even play a video from MMC/SD Card' With new Resource file feature, Visual TFT software brings you all this and much more.

Unlimited Memory .

If this option is selected, after code generation, Visual TFT will store all of your images and fonts in the resource file and will optimise them as much as possible for faster utilisation. You just have to copy that file onto your MMC/SD card and you are ready to go.

Comprehensive Documentation

The help file is the best place to start if you want to get to know the Visual TFT software. The easy-to-read format and detailed explanations of every functionality and feature will make you an expert in no time.

Comprehensive Documentation .

Single-Click Settings

Nobody likes complicated settings and options at the beginning of each project. With new hardware templates, single Click on a drop-down list item does all the work for you. Everything will be automatically set.

Simple, Single-Click Settings .

Flexible Licensing Options

Flexible Software Licence Options .


Buy the Visual TFT and the License Code will be sent to your inbox instantly. Once you activate the license you can use it on up to two computers. This version can be ordered here.


Do you need a portable license, that can be used on multiple computers' USB Dongle license is the perfect solution. This version can be ordered here. Order the product on this page for the USB Dongle Licence version.


Own, manage, and deploy multiple software licenses. Instead of buying several licenses at a regular price, use the Site License option and get licenses for your whole team or class at a special price. Please contact for a Site Licence quotation.

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